Failed Relationship

You’ve read all about how to approach a girl and finally gathered up the courage to ask her out and after all that, she rejects you. Try as you may, you just cannot pinpoint what exactly you did wrong. While it may not even cross your mind, there are a few things that are absolute [...]

Sexy Sinlge Lady

Picking up a daisy and pulling off its petals while repeating “She loves me, she loves me not” may look charming in the movies, but in reality it takes more than that to tell if a woman finds you sexually attractive. Here are a few tell-tale signs that will give you a pretty good clue [...]

Call Me

So often when we want to say something to someone, we think about what we are going to say. We take time to choose the words we are going to use to get our message across. But did you know that how you say the words is just as important if not more important than [...]

Man Appearing Confident

Don’t you just envy the guy who seems to find it so easy to walk up to any woman and talk to her without appearing to be the least bit nervous? You know confidence tops the lists of attributes a woman looks for in any man but try as you may, you cannot stop trembling [...]

Beautiful Girl

Ask anyone which is the best place to meet women and chances are the first place they will suggest is a bar or nightclub. Well, they may be right in that bars and nightclubs are good places to meet single women. But what do you do if the thought of walking into smoke-filled, noisy bars [...]

Gorgeous Brunette

You’ve fallen head over heels for that beautiful brunette who works in a different department in the same company as you, haven't you, you foooool! You can’t stop thinking about her and how good it would be to be her boyfriend, but you are not sure if the feelings are reciprocated. You’re not even sure [...]