How to get car insurance florida cheap

Car insurance in Florida ranks as one of the top 10 most expensive states to be insured in. The reason for this isn’t nearly as mysterious as Nancy Drew Mystery but it is a tad hard to completely understand why it is so expensive here in the state of Florida. One thing is for sure though if you moved to Florida from Michigan you aren’t going to save any money either since that state also requires you to pay a ridiculous amount to be insured. One thing that is known as to why insurance is so high in Florida is the requirement to pay personal injury insurance or PIP a requirement that has been protested by its citizens.


So you may be wondering to yourself how do I get my insurance so cheap or rather how do I find the cheapest insurance possible. To get car insurance Florida cheap than you may need to do a bit of work to get this becaue it won’t be easy and you will probably still be paying more than people in other states. The way of course for this is to shop around for the best insurance somewhere like However, how do you do this? Well to shop around its quite simple with websites like Progressive and Geico being available over the internet. You can also consult with an insurance agent as well which is another great option.


Of course there are a number of great cheaper options to consider. Considering the age of your vehicle and your income you may wish to opt for personal liability and property damage insurance or PLPD. PLPD is the very cheapest insurance you can usually get for your car and covers only a few things. Damage to property and protect you in case you injure or kill someone with your car. This is probably the most popular insurance with teen drivers who tend to be driving vehicles that are second-hand with high milages.


So PLPD really is a good option and it can save you a boat load of cash of course the only real downfall is if any sort of damage or injury to you occurs to you your vehicle or you wind up in any other weird sticky legal situation. Opting for this lower insurance covers basically the bare necessities and if you working a minimum wage job at McDonalds it may only cost you in the range of $20 or so.


Of course if you are more savvy, patient and have better financial means than simply getting a good price quote here and there can be a great option as well. You won’t be paying $20 for your insurance but it does pay to shop around especially in the state of Florida. To reiterate the points of this article Personal Liability and Property Insurance is a good option for people on a tight budget. However PLPD coverage is very limited and only covers the bare necessities and it pays to shop around when looking for cheap car insurance in Florida.