How To Attract A Woman To You

You’ve fallen head over heels for that beautiful brunette who works in a different department in the same company as you, haven’t you, you foooool!

You can’t stop thinking about her and how good it would be to be her boyfriend, but you are not sure if the feelings are reciprocated. You’re not even sure if she has noticed you. So where do you go from here?

Gorgeous BrunetteThe fact is, nothing’s going to change unless you take the trouble to make things happen, but you already know that , don’t you?

Here are a few simple things you can do to attract a girl to you.

Get yourself noticed

If you are going to forever stay in hiding she is not going to even notice that you exist. Get out from the shadows and let your presence be felt around the place. If nothing else, just walk by her at least once a day, if you dare. Of course you want to be subtle about it.

Talking loudly to draw attention to yourself can be a huge turnoff, and totally obvious. You never want to come across as desperate, even if you are.

Make eye contact

Whenever she is in the same room or place as you, try to make eye contact, but don’t stare at her because that’s sure to make her think you’re some kind of nutter.

When you catch her glance give her a subtle smile and maybe say “hello”. Let her know you’ve noticed her too and that you are interested. Very, interested indeed. Her reaction will give you a clue as to whether you stand a chance or not.

If you get a warm friendly smile and “hello” in return, you know you stand a chance. However, if she gives you a cold nod of the head and turns away quickly, it means you have to try harder or just give up. Don’t give up completely though, she might just behaving a bad day, if you know what I mean.

Be well groomed and smartly dressed, at all times!

Come on man, it’s not that hard!

Women are way more easily attracted towards men who are clean, well groomed and smartly dressed. The opposite can be a turnoff, unless she’s a Goth!

If you really want to attract a girl to you, take time to look in the mirror before you leave home and see if you measure up.

Be confident

There’s something about a confident man that women find so attractive. Very often, this is the first thing they will notice about you. In fact, for most women, confidence in a man is higher up on their list than good looks. Have you ever wondered how that guy ever got with that girl? If it’s not money, not good looks and it doesn’t look like he’s hung like a horse then most likely he’s confident.

Throw your shoulders back. Walk tall. Speak confidently. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Be careful that you do not cross that line. Nobody likes an arrogant prick, no matter how smart, handsome, well hung or rich he may be.

Make the first move

You think she may be interested but you are not sure. Should you make the first move or should you wait for her to give you a more definite sign?

Most women will wait for the man to make the first move so it’s up to you. Don’t rush in however. Take it slow and easy, but keep it natural. You don’t want to appear like you have learning disabilities now do you?

Ask her about her day. Invite her for a cup of coffee after work, school, college or whatever. Get her to talk about herself, her life and her hobbies and dreams. As she realizes that you are genuinely interested in her, she will slowly let down her guard and return your interest more openly.

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