How To Tell When A Woman Likes You

Sexy Sinlge LadyPicking up a daisy and pulling off its petals while repeating “She loves me, she loves me not” may look charming in the movies, but in reality it takes more than that to tell if a woman finds you sexually attractive.

Here are a few tell-tale signs that will give you a pretty good clue as to whether she is interested in being a little more than “just friends” with you.

You keep bumping into her in the most unusual places

Does it feel like everywhere you go, there she is? Is it sheer coincidence or is she going out of her way to come face to face with you and talk to you?

Just because you’ve bumped into her twice in one day, don’t jump to any quick conclusions.

Watch carefully over the course of the next few days and it will soon become clear whether she is actually making it a point to be around you and draw your attention.

Her face lights up when she meets you

There is a difference between being happy to meet someone and being excited at meeting someone special. If her face lights up and she breaks out into the biggest smile you’ve ever seen every time you meet her, you know her heart has skipped a beat at the thought of meeting you and hopefully talking to you.

She keeps finding reasons to reach out and touch you

Suddenly, you have a speck on your jacket that needs to be dusted off, a bit of fluff stuck in your hair that needs to be removed or just a dimple on your face that needs to be wiped off.

A woman who likes you will find some reason or the other, even if it is imaginary, to reach out and touch you. If you are lucky, you may also find yourself at the receiving end of random hugs.

She plays the damsel in distress at opportune moments

You’ve known her for a while and she comes across as confident, independent and capable of taking care of herself. But when she is alone with you, she will find subtle ways to get you to take care of her.

When just the two of you are alone outside she’ll say she’s cold, which is actually a subtle hint that she would love it if you would give her a warm cuddle or your jacket or better still, both.

Her body language can be a dead giveaway

She may act restrained and not say much but it’s impossible to hide those little subconscious signals. Watch her body language carefully when she is with others and when she is with you. If she likes you, you will see the difference in the way she walks, talks, smiles and reacts to things when you are around.

She smiles…& smiles… & smiles, when she is with or around you

If she loves you, everything you say or do will make her smile. It may be a fleeting smile if she is trying not to convey to you how much she really likes you but it’s there and you cannot help but notice it.

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