Top 5 Places To Meet Women

Attract WomenAsk anyone which is the best place to meet women and chances are the first place they will suggest is a bar or nightclub. Well, they may be right in that bars and nightclubs are good places to meet single women. But what do you do if the thought of walking into smoke-filled, noisy bars to meet women fills you with dread? What if loud noises give you a headache and smoke gives you a coughing fit? What if these places are just not your style?

Fortunately, there are several other smoke-free and quieter places where you can meet women. So, here are the top 5 places to meet women other than the aforementioned bars and nightclubs:

The Classroom

WHAT, you say? Think about it, the classroom has got to be the best place to meet women. When you enroll in some kind of class that interests you, you know for sure that all the women you will meet at the class already share at least one common interest with you. It could just be the beginning of something beautiful and long-lasting.

Both of you will have plenty to talk about and discuss and as you spend more time together, you are likely to find other common areas of interest too. Even if nothing comes out of it eventually, you will have made an interesting friend and also you would have learned a lot more about your favorite subject. It is nothing other than a win-win situation.


This is another great place to meet women who have the same interests as you. Modern bookstores encourage customers to linger and spend as much time as you like reading.

When you go to the bookstore, head straight off to the aisle where your favorite books are kept and from there it is easier than you think to start a conversation with any woman browsing through the same genre of books that you are interested in.

Coffee Shops

There’s something about sitting in a coffee shop that encourages lingering around for hours and encourages conversations between strangers indulging in their favorite beverage. Perhaps it’s the heady aroma of the coffee that calls out to strangers and says, ‘Let’s chat’. Or maybe it is the relaxed atmosphere that makes it easier for strangers to strike up a conversation.

Whatever the reason, a coffee shop is an excellent place to introduce yourself to another coffee lover sitting all by herself.

The Gym

Beautiful GirlThe gym may not be the first place that comes to mind as a place to meet women but if you think about it a bit, it’s perfect!

Today’s gyms are not just a macho place where men go to grunt, sweat and bulk up. Most gyms these days have an assortment of exercise classes from Pilates and spinning to martial arts and yoga and the interesting part is it is mostly women who enroll for these.

Joining any one of these exercise classes will put you in a space where you will meet not just one but many women.

The Dog Park

This is one of the best ways to meet women, ever! You’ll see lots of women walking their dogs in the park, and what better way to attract a woman to you than having a cute little dog walking by your side. But it’s not only women walking their own dog you’ll attract. Oh no, virtually all women will not be able to stop themselves from coming over to you just to pet your adorable friend, and it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself.

This has simply got to be one of the easiest places not just to meet women but also to talk to women and to get them interested. Discussing your dogs is a great place to start. It’s safe, easy and well, you’ll never run out of things to say to each other. As you get to know each other better, you’ll find it easier to shift to other topics of interest. Don’t have a cute little dog? Well borrow one, you won’t be disappointed, trust me!

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