Top 5 Reasons She’ll Reject You

Failed RelationshipYou’ve read all about how to approach a girl and finally gathered up the courage to ask her out and after all that, she rejects you.

Try as you may, you just cannot pinpoint what exactly you did wrong. While it may not even cross your mind, there are a few things that are absolute turn offs for most women. If you are guilty of any of these you can be sure she will reject you.

#1- Poor Hygiene & Bad Grooming

First impressions count and a woman is likely to form an impression about you within the first few seconds of meeting you.

You may not like the idea, but women are attracted to men who are well groomed and who take care of their hygiene. This means making sure you as well as your breath smell good, your clothes are ironed, hair combed and shoes polished.

Yes, every little aspect will be judged so don’t take any short cuts.

#2 – Coming Across As Desperate

Don’t try too desperately to impress her. Girls know when a man is desperate and it does nothing to attract them to you.

If you try to win her over with some sob story, the only thing you will gain is her sympathy, not her love and that’s not going to last long. Be yourself and make an effort to be friendly without going overboard or coming across as desperate.

#3 – Being Boring

When you meet up with her what does the conversation revolve around?

Do you have a lot of interesting things to talk about or do you just talk about yourself or worse still, you cannot think of anything to talk about? How boring is that! You do not have to be the greatest conversationalist to attract a women but being well-read and up to date with what’s happening around you does help. Of course, it is equally important to find out a bit more about the things she is interested in.

If politics is not her thing, discussing the elections endlessly can be a turn off too. There has to be something that both of you are interested in and that would be a safe topic to talk about. Try and focus more on talking about her rather than just talking about yourself.

#4 – Being Too Pushy

There is a difference between being confident and being dominating or pushy. Constantly trying to dominate her schedule or telling her what to do or pushing her to stay a bit longer with you when it is clear she would like to leave are not going to endear you to her one bit. You may think it’s your way of showing her how much you like to be around her but to her, it may come across as a sign of how dominating you can be and that’s a sure cause for rejection.

#5 – Lack of Ambition or Direction

No woman likes to be with a man who is just drifting along with no drive or direction. It does not mean you have to be the CEO of a company but having a steady job or at least working towards a certain goal will earn you brownie points.

While not having a fixed plan in your teens is still acceptable it just does not cut it if you are still moving along aimlessly in your late twenties.

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